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Our Story: Book The Cinema

Our Story: Book The Cinema

What Is Book The Cinema?

The principle of Book The Cinema is simple, we want you to have a completely personalised movie watching experience, as you rent a cinema screen just for your and your guests. You can choose your movie from a range of latest releases as well as much loved classics. The process of booking a cinema screen is designed to be super easy and fast. All the information you provide us with helps the cinema to deliver a fully tailored experience for your private cinema screening.

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How We Started

The concept of Book The Cinema was created and developed by the team at Unique X who are very passionate about cinema and all it can offer. Having realised that private VIP cinema bookings weren’t easy to find in the UK cinema industry, the team started the development of Book The Cinema. The goal was to create a service that would allow consumers to take greater control over their movie-watching experience as well as benefit from personalised features.


What We Believe In

At Book The Cinema we believe in the magic that cinema delivers, we understand that feeling of excitement and anticipation as the room darkens and the screen widens. We want you to experience the cinema for what it has been created for, an immersive movie-watching experience. The cinema for us is where memories are made and moments are shared. With Book The Cinema you can take this even further and choose who you want to share those moments with by booking the whole screen and inviting your guests.


Personalise Your Cinema Journey

We have designed Book The Cinema in a way that you have many opportunities to personalise your booking from choosing the number of guests you want to creating a personalised 30-second clip that will be played in front of your guests before the movie. This clip can include a combination of pictures and videos of your choice along with a message written by you. This fun feature really helps you add a personal touch to your private cinema screening. You can also choose a custom background and music for the clip.

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Have Any Questions?

Have a question about the booking process for your private cinema screening? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions Page, where you can find common queries in relation to bookings, tickets, concessions etc. If you can't find the answer you're looking for feel free to contact our team here; Contact Us, they will be more than happy to help.


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