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Snacks Are Important

Aren’t snacks the best part of going to the cinema besides watching the movie? If you, like us, love cinema snacks and want to start planning your next trip to the cinema early, this is the perfect page for you!

Did you know in China popular cinema snacks consist of dried salted plums and sunflower seeds? While in India you can get your very own fresh samosas. It makes you wonder what you're missing out on!

So Many Snacks, So Little Time

Do you ever go to the cinema and become a bit overwhelmed with how many choices you have in regards to snacks? Well with Book The Cinema you can purchase your snacks while booking your private event. This means you can choose your favourite concessions in your time instead of having to wait in a queue and feel rushed. All you need to do on the day of your booking is arrive and have a good time with your friends and family.

Fun Snack Facts

If you’re interested in some more fun facts about snacks, you’re in the right place. So while traditionally we consider salted popcorn and the odd snickers bar appropriate cinema snacks, we have learned from above that people from different countries consider a range of foods perfect to eat at the cinema.

Did you know that in South Korea they eat roasted chestnuts, while in Russia they eat Beluga Caviar, if that’s not a luxury we don’t know what is! It’s interesting to learn about food and drinks served in cinemas worldwide.

Another interesting one is being able to buy beer in the cinema, while it may not be possible in cinemas in the UK just yet you can always travel to Lithuania and experience drinking in the cinema!

A Bit About Us

Book The Cinema specialises in helping you rent a cinema screen for your very own private cinema party. You can have the whole screen for yourself or invite guests, as well as choose a movie from our extensive range of latest releases to much-loved classics! At Book The Cinema we want you to experience the cinema like never before, make your booking special by creating a 30-second personalised clip that will be shown in front of your audience before the movie.

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