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WTW The Plaza Cinema, Truro

69 Lemon Street,

Wheelchair Spaces

Our Screen Capacity

Screen 1: 260 + 2 Wheelchair Spaces
Screen 2: 169 + 1 Wheelchair Space
Screen 3: 98 + 2 Wheelchair Spaces
Screen 4: 44 + 1 Wheelchair Space
Screen 5: 55 - No Wheelchair Access

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WTW The Plaza Cinema, Truro 1
WTW The Plaza Cinema, Truro 2
WTW The Plaza Cinema, Truro 3
WTW The Plaza Cinema, Truro 4
WTW The Plaza Cinema, Truro 5

Local Information

The Plaza opened in February 1936 with a seating capacity of 1,176 in stalls and circle. It was designed in an art deco style by noted Bristol based cinema architect William Henry Watkins. Built for a local company, it was acquired by the Jackson Withers Circuit of Cardiff in 1943. The proscenium was 34 feet wide, there were 3 dressing rooms and a cafe and ballroom above the entrance foyer.

The Plaza was then taken over by the Rank Organisation in 1976/77 who applied for a bingo license which was refused. An offer to purchase the cinema by the Cornwall based WTW Group was turned down in March 1977, the building eventually being acquired by a Somerset businessman who added a second screen in the cafe area seating 175.

The cinema hit hard times in the 1990s with attendances dwindling, and entered receivership in November 1996. It was subsequently closed on safety grounds by Carrick District Council, leaving Cornwall’s only city without a cinema.

20 years after they had unsuccessfully opened negotiations to purchase The Plaza, WTW Cinemas acquired the freehold of the premises in May 1997 and immediately began an extensive reconstruction and refurbishment of the building. The modernisation programme enabled The Plaza to reopen on 10th July 1998, with patrons showing their approval with attendance levels exceeding expectations. In 2016 a new screen was added at the top of the building as the former café was transformed into screen 5 – ‘The Lemon Suite’.

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Getting Here

Pay & Display car parks are located near by at Moorfield Multi-Storey Car Park and Lemon Quay Multi Storey Car Park.

Truro Bus Station is located a short 5-minute walk away from the cinema, just across Lemon Quay. Truro Train Station is around a 10-15 minutes walk away from the cinema.

The 3 word address is ///papers.blur.outsmart This points to the exact entrance and is more accurate than the street address. Before you travel, download the free what3words app. Type in the 3 word address, including the dots, to see our precise location. To navigate there, tap the ‘Directions’ icon and select a navigation app.

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